A Life Transforming Approach
anxiety and panic attacks cure


Anxiety and panic attacks can literally consume your whole life leaving you drained and exhausted. Using an approach that will clear your anxiety and panic attacks completely getting you back in control of your life - truly life changing! read more....


 Helping you come to terms with your loss, and enabling you to find the best way of moving forward. My approach involves a combination of empathy, healing and embracing your life now. Hypnosis for bereavement is extremely effective and clients are literally transformed within 3 sessions. read more....

confidence and self esteem


Many people I work with have so little self esteem and are so critical of themselves yet within a few sessions they learn to appreciate themselves and see themselves in a way that is beneficial for them – literally transforming their life. read more...

everything is black no way out


When everything seems black and you see no way out!   There is hope!   Find out how my approach will help you overcome depression in just a couple of sessions so that you experience a truly mind blowing transformation read more...


effective for phobias and fears


An extremely effective approach to cure your phobia fast. Helping you overcome phobias and fears in just one session. I have successfully cleared all kinds of phobias no matter how ridiculous they may seem. read more...

quit for good smoking


Whether you're smoking is out of habit or addiction I am here to help you quit for good. All you need is the will to stop smoking as I have the technique. The results are incredible. read more...

Pain Relief with zero side effects


An effective pain relief with zero side effects. Pain can be completely debilitating and consume your whole life. Working with your subconscious mind to clear pain giving you back your life in just 2-3 sessions. read more...

hypnosis works for trauma


Hypnosis works no matter what your trauma, I have successfully helped people with mild, moderate and major traumas including physical and sexual abuse. Helping you overcome all the unpleasant feelings attached to your experience setting your free to move forward in your life so you experience mind blowing results read more...

unconscious for weight loss and issues


Working with your unconscious mind getting to the core of your battle with your weight. For those addicted to sugar I will eliminate your sugar cravings within one session and help you make powerful subconscious changes to enable you to eat healthily and obtain a healthy weight. read more...

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