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Yocheved Levin Gershon

Professional Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach
Prestwich, Manchester UK

Help with anxiety, stress and lots more, check out the services page

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Why suffer when there is a solution?

Whether you are stuck, overwhelmed or at a loss of how to move forward Yocheved is here to help. Giving you skills and techniques that will empower you and enable you to find clarity and purpose in your life.

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Workshops / Presentations

Take a look at the range of workshops which will totally transform your life

mind blowing transformations
yocheved Gershon
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World Kindness Day

So often the news is full of sad and depressing stories that just cause concern and worry.

Check out some stories of kindness that will make you realize there are many kind and caring people in the universe.  Huffington post article

Make every day world kindness day, do one act of kindness each day. As you do your act take note of how it makes you feel. By doing acts of kindness not only are you helping others, you also make yourself feel great!

Share this clip and let's spread kindness.


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