Yocheved Gershon

Qualified and Experienced Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach
Prestwich, Manchester UK

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mind blowing transformations
yocheved Gershon

Why suffer when there is a solution?

Whether you are stuck, overwhelmed or at a loss of how to move forward I am here to help. Giving you skills and techniques that will empower you and enable you to find clarity and purpose in your life.

mind blowing transformations

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mind blowing transformations
yocheved Gershon
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Mind Blowing Tranceformations - Trancework


Yocheved Gershon Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach

Congratulations! You have just found a hypnotherapist who is truly passionate about helping others.

Why choose Yocheved at Mind Blowing Tranceformations?

Because Yocheved is a genuinely caring and calm person, and has the perfect balance of empathy and professionalism, making it is easy for you to trust her.

Having experienced her own challenges in life including overcoming post natal depression. Yocheved is a role model of how transforming your mindset really works, and living a happy lifestyle no matter what challenges come your way.

Her years of experience and incredible intuition is evident from the very first session, which is what makes her so approachable.

You cannot change what happens to you, or what others say or do. What you can change is your response and reactions! 

What to expect from sessions:

Yocheved gives you clear, practical, life changing techniques to help you achieve your goals. As well as practical skills to help you handle every day challenges in a healthy way, always encouraging and supporting you. Sessions are combined of healing unpleasant experiences and building confidence and self esteem. You will not have to talk about and re-live all your past experiences. Instead, Yocheved will help you to clear all the emotions attached to your past experiences. Once those emotions are released the situation is  no longer a threat and you are therefore able to move forward.

Yocheved has helped many clients overcome the most traumatic of experiences in a professional, and most importantly, safe way. And so you will feel secure enough to release negative emotions and past experiences. Her understanding in this area is outstanding and reflected in her exceedingly high success rate, part of which is due to her ability to adapt skills and techniques according to your own individual needs.

The testimonials speak for themselves, so check them out.

Browse through the services. No matter what you are struggling with, Yocheved will work with you, helping you find clarity and solutions that work for you.

Because all the answers are within you!

Yocheved has a BA (Hons) in Social Care with Counselling Skills, a Mstr Dip in Hypnotherapy, Dip NLP, Dip Past Life Regression, Dip Mindfulness, and is constantly updating her skills through CPD, giving her a breadth of knowledge to help you improve your life.

Yocheved has won the 2019 OUTSTANDING THERAPIST - HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD from Centre of Excellence, recognising her skills and talent in helping others transform their lives.

Fill out the contact form or give a call and start your journey to a happy, fulfilling life.


Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach

Yocheved Gershon Hypnotherapist & NLP Coach