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In today’s day and age we are all dealing with so many issues all at once – no wonder anxiety is so widespread.

To hope to have a completely stress free life is unrealistic as we have no control over what happens to us instead I empower you to focus on that which you can control, which is your mindset/attitude. The way you respond and react to situations dramatically affects the outcome.

Together we will look at ways of managing your life so that stress is minimal and when situations arise beyond your control you will be dealing with it in a much healthier way.

During these sessions I will help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks completely and enable you to handle even the most stressful situations in a clear, level-headed manner, by teaching you skills and techniques for you to use in your future should stressful situations arise.

The amount of sessions varies according to the individual, generally 5-8 sessions and you will be a different person!


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Losing a loved one, whether a parent, spouse, relative or friend is painful and often leaves a tremendous void.

How do you overcome all the sadness and move forward when the pain is so intense?

Bereavement can also include the loss of a job, breakdown of a relationship or marriage, while it is slightly different to the death of a loved one, it is a loss non the less and my help and guidance will enable you to make the transition easily and smoothly.

Bereavement sessions will help you come to terms with your loss, and enable you to find the best way of moving forward. I included a combination of empathy, healing and embracing your life now. All in just 3 sessions.


Manchester hypnotherapy for depression

So many issues stem from lack of self esteem and little or no confidence in oneself.

By helping you see yourself in a positive way and focusing on what you are good at, will enable you to strengthen yourself. When you feel good about yourself you succeed!

Sessions for confidence and low self esteem include giving you skills to empower yourself at a subconscious level as well as setting you free from any limiting beliefs you have about yourself.

I have worked with people who have so little self esteem and are so critical of themselves yet within a short time they have learnt to appreciate themselves and see themselves in a way that is helpful for them – literally transforming their life. Generally 5-8 sessions.


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When everything seems black and you see no way out – there is hope!

It is good to talk and important to have support from family and friends though talking about depression and other related issues may bring some relief though does it actually clear the depression?

The more you focus on the depression and how awful you are feeling the worse you feel because what we focus on is what we attract. Instead focus on how you want to feel!

My sessions for overcoming depression involves first removing all the unpleasant feelings you are currently experiencing, and then helping you move into a positive, happy state.

Within the first session you will already see positive results.

I have helped people suffering with depression for years and when they came back for their second session they were already a different person! Length of therapy varies anything between 3 – 8 session


hypnotherapy for creativity

Phobias and fears are irrational and sometimes learned behaviour often picked up at a young age because you saw someone else react in this way.

The good news is that phobias and fears are easily overcome when working with the subconscious mind.

Working on reprogramming your subconscious so that whatever it is that is making you feel this way is no longer a threat to you.

I have helped many people overcome phobias and fears in just one session and have worked with all kinds of phobias so even if your phobia may seem ridiculous to you, keep in mind I have heard and seen them all.

Remember phobias are illogical and that is why using Hypnosis and NLP is so effective for curing phobias and fear within 3-5 Sessions


hypnotherapy to stop smoking

If you truly want to quit then this is the approach for you. You will become a non smoker within one session!

Think of how much better your life will be as a non smoker, how much more time and money you will have to do all the things you really want to do.

Whether you are smoking out of habit or addiction it makes no difference as long as you have the desire to quit I will turn you into a non smoker.


Light jerking

Are you suffering from chronic pain?

Pain can really wear you down, exhaust you and interrupt your daily functioning.

The good news is that through hypnosis I have helped people manage their pain and even eliminate it completely. There are no side effects unlike medication, and your quality of life will be greatly improved.

Pain is your brain’s signal that a part of your body needs attention. While pain may initially start from physical conditions often the brain will continue sending signals long after the condition is dealt with through hypnosis you will set yourself free from your pain.

Stop suffering and help yourself. Only 2-3 sessions for pain relief.


hypnotherapy for trauma

Whether you have experienced major or mild trauma this is the approach for you. I work content free which means that I do not go into detailed discussion of what is affecting you.

The more you talk about your trauma the deeper submerged in it you get and you know exactly what happens then….. you become paralysed with fear and it just takes you right back to that traumatic event bringing up all those awful feelings.

Instead I work with your subconscious helping you get a clearer perspective of the event so that you are able to see it in a non threatening way thereby relieving you from all the unpleasant emotions attached to the memory. Without going through the stress of reliving the past trauma!

Hypnosis works no matter what your trauma, I have helped people with mild traumas as well as major traumas including physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The results are incredible.

Length of therapy varies according to the individual as well as clearing trauma there is usually the part of building self esteem and confidence which has been knocked down, particularly if the trauma was at a young age. Generally 3-8 sessions.


A heart made of fruit

Have you tried diet after diet and yet you are still struggling to lose weight.

You know why diets do not work!? Because it all starts with your mindset.

My initial session will start with a brief assessment of what exactly you would like to achieve and what has stopped you from attaining your goal?

I then work with your subconscious mind to let go of any limiting beliefs and ask your unconscious mind to discover what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Sugar is as addictive as heroin and cocaine it activates your reward center in your brain, releasing dopamine, as a result you want more sugar, the cycle continues and your brain starts to need more sugar to satisfy your cravings!

For those addicted to sugar I will eliminate your sugar cravings within one session and help you make powerful subconscious changes to enable you to eat healthy and obtain a healthy weight.

3-5 Sessions for weight loss

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