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After following the Mindset Program, I was able to face something I was fearing for a long time.

I can’t thank you enough for pulling me over the finish line to victory


Unbelievable Quality of Life Now

I have been to so many professionals over the years and I have never been helped until I came to you.

You cannot imagine the quality of life I have now since you have helped me.

I really appreciate it and highly recommend you.

Thank you so much!!


Forever Grateful

You have truly left your mark on my life and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much!


No more comfort eating

After just a few sessions with Yocheved I am no longer comfort eating.

I have learnt how to deal with my emotions and to switch to being positive and more productive as a result.

Really pleased – thank you!



After just five sessions with Yocheved I am so excited and inspired with the new me.

I am really feeling good with myself.

A huge thank you.


Biggest Phobia of my life now cleared

I cannot thank Yocheved enough for helping me overcome my fear of needles.
Today I had my first blood test after having the biggest phobia of needles since I was a child!
This is something I thought I would never be able to do, even turning up the appointment was a massive accomplishment for me, and to be able to calm myself down trusting that I can do it, got me through it and I have never been so proud of myself.
Thank you so much to Yocheved for giving me the help I needed to overcome this phobia


Unbelievable Change In Such Few Sessions

After just five sessions I saw an incredible difference so much so that I went to my GP to reduce my anti-depressants.

I highly recommend Yocheved. Thank you!


Makes a huge difference

You have really changed my life, your approach has made such a difference.

I now have skills for life that will help me every day.

I am so grateful. Thank you so much


So grateful

I see such a difference, I am so much calmer, I am now able to do things I had not done in months.

I can’t thank you enough. You have changed my life.


You deserve a medal

After 50 years of being on anti-depressants I have finally started reducing my dose (under guidance from my doctor) I am elated!
I cannot thank you enough, I am finally able to be myself and totally free from my past.
You deserve a medal. Thank you!


Was Amazing

I came to Yocheved because I couldn’t sleep and after the first session I slept no problem at all!

I could not believe the difference. I did not even realize what had been bothering me, Yocheved just helped me clear it all so easily and I am amazed at the difference. I am so happy I came. Thank you!


Changed my life

I am so grateful, you really have made a difference and changed my life, I just wish I would have come to you sooner, I struggled for so long before coming to you and now it’s all gone! Thank you so much.


Life changing!

I hadn’t realised that I was just existing until I came to Yocheved – now I am really living and LOVING it!

I can’t thank you enough and highly recommend Yocheved.


30 years of suffering gone!

By coming to Yocheved I now have a lasting freedom from a fear that ruled my life for 35 years!

I am now totally free to be me, this is indescribable and I am forever grateful. Thank you.

Sally Anne

Her Care and Concern is Incredible

I saw Yocheved a few years ago and I am still benefiting from her help to this day, I use her powerful techniques which are so effective.

Her genuine care and concern was evident and have always felt her to be so approachable and wanting the best for me.

Yocheved has helped me in incredible ways and I am a different person as a result.

I highly recommend Yocheved for a truly life changing experience.

Thank you is nowhere near enough.


Highly recommending!

Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am to Yocheved. She helped me improve my life in ways I never thought possible.
For anyone struggling with Anxiety and OCD, Yocheved will do wonders for you!

Yocheved, thank you again for helping me start living my life on my own terms!


Completely life changing

I came to Yocheved after suffering from anxiety for a few years. I never actually believed how quickly and easily her approach could take effect. The session was extremely relaxing and calm and I felt like my anxiety had gone after only 10 minutes into the session! Honestly thought it would have taken a lot more than that but so happy to be free and relaxed again. I never realised how much my anxiety had control over my life, I’ve never felt better. Would 100% recommend Yocheved to anyone!


Highly recommended

Yocheved very successfully rooted out and helped resolve multiple issues that had been holding me back in many ways.

Yocheved is very gifted with her approach, and has fantastic interpersonal skills that further enable her to carry out her therapeutic approach.

I’d highly recommend Yocheved, and be more than happy to provide a personal reference.


Positive and Focused

Yocheved is a very positive and focused Therapist.
You feel calm in her presence and are able to relax easily in the Hypnosis sessions which are amazing!


Life Saving

This lady has truly saved mine and my child’s sanity and probably our lives !!! She was so kind and caring towards me and insightful and understanding of my teenager’s behavioural problems. She understood that he did not want to be counselled and helped me to help him through some extremely difficult times – an absolute life saver !!!


Amazing at her job!

Yochaved Gershon is a very calm Therapist she’s amazing at her job and certainly would recommend her services ☝️👌


Worked like magic

Yocheved has worked her magic on me
Just a simple session but such life changing results 👍👍👍


Weight loss

I came to Yocheved because despite knowing how to diet it would never stick! My will power Wouldn’t last longer than a week…
Yocheved has helped me to understand what was stopping me from achieving my goal of being healthier and happier within myself, the weight loss barrier was just part of something deeper.
With my inner health and happiness worked on, the weigh loss follows!
You have to put in the work to help yourself with her help and once you do; you feel so much lighter, happier and healthier AS WELL as losing the belief that was stopping you losing the weight!


Another successful story

Yocheved, in only two sessions, was able to remove the anxiety that led me to eating unnecessarily. Well Done Yocheved and thank you very much for releasing me from my own ‘demons’ and for helping me create a safe space.

Debi Segal

Amazingly Effective

Yocheved was amazingly effective in helping me build up my confidence. The experience was such a positive and relaxing one with great lasting results. Already recommended further. Thank you!


I am blown away at the results

The techniques really work and the results are immediate. Wow I am blown away at the powerful results. Truly amazing! Thank you.


Incredible Success Rate

Within 1 session, Yocheved has re-wired my brain in such a way that I now love doing the one thing I used to hate and avoided like a plague. Friends around me are gobsmacked and my family is enjoying a new level of happiness.


Highly effective in helping people

Brilliant! Really effective in helping people transform their lives. Would highly recommend Yocheved


Fantastic! Really

Fantastic! Really impressive I would definitely recommend 😃


Works Like Magic – Highly Recommended

I have been struggling with my children, everything was so tense. After working with Yocheved and taking on board her techniques and advice, my life is totally different. My children are so much calmer, happier and I even enjoy our time together. Wow and to think how my life was before going to Yocheved! I am so grateful and want every parent to benefit from Yocheved’s wisdom, knowledge and expertise. Highly recommended!


Gave Me My Life Back

Absolutely amazing, gave me my life back! I was at a really low point when I came to Yocheved. My friend recommended her and I am so glad I made contact. After just one session I felt so much better. I used the techniques Yocheved gave me on how to handle my teenager and I saw immediate results. It was like magic! Now I know how to handle my teenager and how to avoid conflict and have gone from tearing my hair out to actually enjoying my teenager. I cannot thank you enough Yocheved. You have changed my life. Thank you!!


Yocheved is amazing!

I highly recommend Yocheved Gershon. I came to Yocheved to solve a few issues and it was such an amazing help.

Yocheved is very relaxed and understanding and will do her best to help. Her session helped me and I’m looking forward to book more sessions.


Yocheved changed my life around!

With the help of Yocheved I have a completely new life. I was just about surviving I am now truly living. Thank YOU, would highly recommend Yocheved.


Cured in one session – I love Yocheved’s approach!

I have now sent 2 of my children (14 and 11 yrs old) for hypnotherapy to help them get over phobias. I can not believe that they were both cured in one session!!!! I have tried everything.. bribery, rewards etc but this actually got to the root of the problem and they are both COMPLETELY cured.

I spoke to Yocheved beforehand, I loved her approach and calmness. I took to her straight away so trusted her with my children (separately of course).

I am happy to speak to anyone if they want for a personal recommendation

Talia Leigh Smith

Really effective! Highly recommend!

Extremely helpful in improving your life. Really effective! I would highly recommend!


Professional and Engaging

Thank you very much indeed for the sessions which I found most relaxing, rewarding, enlightening and elevating. Thank you for the engaging and professional manner in which you conduct the sessions and I am most indebted to you for what can only be described as the most wonderful and helpful approach and delivery from onset to conclusion of each and every session!


Excellent at her job!

This was a very positive experience that I would strongly suggest this to someone who needs that boost of positivity and  to get out their old negatives and change their mind set

Yocheved is a genuine caring, passionate, professional who is excellent at her job.

I was going through a tough period a year ago and went to several sessions with her.  I really benefited from it


Conscientious, Caring and Empathetic

I have known Yocheved for a number of years in my capacity as a trainer at the NLP Centre of Excellence. I have been consistently impressed with her dedication, desire to learn and help people, as well as her professionalism. Yocheved gives thorough attention to detail to her work; she is talented, conscientious, caring and empathetic, and has a delightful presence and calm mannerism. I have every confidence she will continue to grow and do great work.

Jimmy Petruzzi


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